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Cats and bacon

Can cats eat bacon?

Very often you send me messages telling me that you give your cat salami, bacon, turkey and other cold cuts in the form of a treat! Have you ever wondered if it is right for your cat to eat stuff like that?

Cats are definitely carnivores and that is why they need meat in their diet. But when we are talking about meat, we do not mean bacon or any other kind of cold cuts! Or is it actually safe for a cat to eat such meat? Continue reading and you will get all the answers!

The basics in relation to bacon

Before answering the question “Is it okay for cats to eat bacon?”, let’s examine what bacon really is! Bacon is made with pork which is probably the meat you humans also use in your diet. But pork products, such as bacon and ham have a lot of sodium, fats and calories and our cat should consume those three in very small amounts!

What problems can the frequent consumption of bacon cause?

The characteristics we mentioned above make bacon unsuitable as part of the basic diet of a cat! And that is why its frequent consumption can cause:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Dehydration
  • Blockage of blood vessels
  • Sodium poisoning

Can cats eat bacon?

The answer to this question is technically “yes”, but only in small amounts as an exceptional treat (and not as part of their daily diet). In fact, many cats go crazy over grilled bacon. However, bacon can also be eaten raw, as long as it is fresh. This rare consumption does not pose any threat to the cat.

If you want to offer your cat a rich in meat diet, trying to harmonize it with its carnivorous nature, choose mainly red meat or turkey or chicken.

Can cats eat turkey bacon?

The same goes for turkey bacon as well, since it has a similar composition and carries poses similar dangers to pork bacon.

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