How to stop cats jumping on kitchen counters

How to stop cats jumping on kitchen counters

These days it seems that an ancient habit of cats has come to the surface. I am constantly receiving messages from desperate humans begging me to help them find an effective solution to the problem “how to make my cat not climb on the kitchen counter”.

You know, Tsitsos is not just some cat and he is allowed to climb on the kitchen counters, but I find it quite logical for the rest of you, common cats, not being allowed to climb there! So, I will give you some advice on how to achieve this. But let’s see first why cats go up the kitchen counter!

Why do cats climb on the kitchen counter?

The reasons can be understood quite easily if you are observant enough:

  1. Cats love heights. This is as certain as Newton’s first law. And many cats can jump from the floor up to the kitchen counter, while others use the help of a good positioned chair. From there they feel safe and enjoy to observe everything that’s happening!
  2. The kitchen counter smells nice. Often, they find there, interesting things to eat (especially the gluttonous cats and not the aristocratic like me), like your lunch that hasn’t been put into the fridge yet. Also, there they will often come across bread crumbs that a greedy cat finds particularly attractive.
  3. If the kitchen faucet is dripping slightly it may attract your cat to go up there because they love running water.

9 tips to prevent your cat from climbing on the kitchen counter

Knowing the causes you can deal with the problem more effectively. I will suggest various techniques here, but be sure to be persistent and patient. Try a few of them until one proves to be effective!

  1. The first and obvious solution is to keep the counter as clean as possible, so that its smell do not entice your cat to climb on the forbidden spot!
  2. Lay double sided adhesive tape on the edge of the counter. Cats feel horrible stepping on adhesive tape. If they step on it two to three times, they well be discouraged from going up there. Of course, if your cat is clever enough, it will find a way to climb avoiding the edge of the counter.
  3. Lay a strip of crumbled foil along the counter. The sensation on their feet is very annoying and can make them reconsider climbing on the counter. Of course, this tactic can prove fruitless if your cat manages to avoid it.
  4. Cats prefer positive education to punishment. When your cat gets on the counter, offer them a treat or a toy on the floor under the counter. As soon as your cat is lured by it and jumps on the floor to get it, have a clicker (those things that make a noise) and make the noise. After a few times, the noise itself will make the cat get down from the counter.
  5. Pull the chair that is near the counter to prevent your cat from easily climbing on the counter.
  6. Create other attractive climbing spots, such as a cat tree. On top of it you can place a treat in order to encourage your cat to climb on it. The new cat furniture sooner or later will cause positive emotions to your cat who may no longer care about the kitchen counter!
  7. If there are stressors next to your cat’s water bowl, change its position so that it can enjoy it and not go looking for water from the sink. Your cat may also prefer its water to be cold, so add an ice cube to its bowl. Finally, try using a fountain for cats to ensure the constant flow of water that drives cats crazy.
  8. Try the old tried and tested tactic of decidedly (but not hysterically) scolding your cat when it gets on the counter. A “no” is enough. Many will be discouraged by your reaction after a few repetitions!
  9. Use an air spray (one of those used to clean keyboards) and every time your cat gets on the counter, make the sound “phhsstt”! Cats do not like this sound at all so it very likely that they will get discouraged. Again, repetition is the mother of learning!

Try my ideas with patience and perseverance and share the results with me. If you have any more ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us and of course, please spread this GOLDEN guide on your social media!

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