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Signs of Pain in Cats

5 Signs that your cat is in pain

All right, all right, you all know how cool we cats are. But what you might not know is that we’re so cool that we can hide from you, ignorant humans, that we’re in pain, even when it’s unbearable.

Fear not, though, because once more, Chicho is here, and he’ll reveal 5 signs that your cat is in pain and cleverly camouflages it.

1. Increased Aggression

Regardless of your cat’s usual behavior, when it hurts, it usually increases its aggression to both familiar faces and strangers (humans and pets). If pain is added to a generally aggressive cat, then its aggression intensifies, lashing out to your other unsuspecting pets or even you. Don’t take it personally, it just hurts!

2. Growling

Usually, we associate a cat’s growling with satisfaction, but there are few instances when growling suggests stress or even pain! If the intense growling is combined with one of the other signs described here, your cat likely chooses this way to hide its pain or discomfort!

3. Irregular Breathing

Generally speaking, when cats are in pain, they may breathe faster or shallower than normal. In some cases, they may even be growling or having trouble breathing. But even when their irregular breathing isn’t associated with pain, when this symptom is exhibited, it’s essential to rush to the vet.

4. Changes in its Pupils

Another sign of underlying pain might be the dilation/contraction of the pupil. Usually, when the eyes are aching, the pupil contracts, and when the rest of the body hurts, the pupil expands. Also, instances of squinting/lazy eyes are indicative of possible camouflaged pain.

5. The cat loses its appetite and neglects its grooming

A cat in pain is likely to lose its appetite and, at the same time, sleep noticeably more, dramatically reducing its grooming time. These signs are red flags, and you should take your cat to the vet without delay.

A typical example of this sign exhibition was Aspromavre (known FIV cat), whose face was full of mucus and dirt. Also, something black was growing under his mussel, while his hair was completely damaged and dirty…

And now look at this adorable kitty after the oral thrush that tortured him was successfully treated.

Hey, fellows, we’re not a difficult puzzle to figure out. We show you how we feel, but we do it in the most discreet, cool and dignified way! DON’T neglect any of these five signs of pain because pain is usually a result of injury or illness and may need treatment! Over and out!

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