signs that your cat is sick

10 signs that your cat is sick

Cats are perfectly capable of concealing their pain, disguising all the symptoms that betray they suffer from some (minor or major) illness.

After so many articles, you should be able to read your cat’s body language, knowing what’s natural and healthy for cats in general—and yours in particular. If you notice any strange signs, don’t ignore them. Immediately, contact your veterinarian.

In this article, I’ll reveal 10 indicative signs that our cat is sick.

Sick cat symptoms

1. Vomiting

Frequent vomiting is not normal in a healthy cat, although there’s a false rumor about it. Of course, vomiting every once in a while because of a hairball shouldn’t trouble you. But if vomiting is a regular occurrence, contact your veterinarian immediately!

2. Diarrhea

Diarrhea may be indicative of dietary issues, intestinal parasites, and various other problems. If not treated, it can lead to dehydration and intestinal inflammation. Also, it’s very unpleasant for your cat! Once again, visiting your veterinarian is a good call.

3. Loss Of Appetite

Loss of appetite may be normal in some cases (for example, on very hot days), but it shouldn’t be overlooked. If your cat skips a meal, but otherwise it eats normally, there’s no need to worry. If your cat stops eating completely or consumes only small quantities, you should probably contact your vet. If your cat stops eating for a few days, it can impact its liver, a condition also known as fat filtration.

4. Increase of Appetite

Increased appetite may be a sign of illness, especially if it appears suddenly in an elderly cat. It might be hypothyroidism, but certainly, your vet will give you all the answers you need! A sharp increase of appetite in younger cats shouldn’t be overlooked either. Even if it isn’t indicative of any other problems, it’s likely to lead to obesity!

5. Lethargy

Even if it’s subtle, lethargy can be a sign of illness. Contact your vet if your cat lies down more than usual, sleeps all the time, or its energy levels seem low!

6. Increased Thirst

Increased thirst can mean many things. Most often, it’s indicative of problems in the kidney or urinary system or a possibility of diabetes. Many cats rarely drink water, so if you suddenly notice your cat being close to its water more than usual, don’t ignore the sign and contact your veterinarian immediately!

7. Urination Changes

Urination changes are always important and shouldn’t be ignored! Quite often, they indicate a urinary problem or, more specifically, a kidney problem. If you notice a change in the frequency of urination, the amount of urine or even hematuria, immediately book an appointment with the vet. In fact, it might be imperative to rush to your vet if your cat tries but is unable to urinate. This case of emergency in sterile male cats can be a sign of urolithiasis!

8. Excessive Grooming

Excessive fur grooming might be a behavioral issue stemming from stress, but it can also indicate a physical problem, such as skin irritation or pain. If you notice your cat grooming itself excessively, contact your veterinarian immediately to get to the root of the problem!

9. Behavioral Changes

As the cat grows, it’s only natural to gradually change its behavior. But if you notice sudden changes, for example, if your friendly kitty suddenly turns aggressive or your generally happy and calm cat shows signs of stress and fear, you should further look into it with your vet!

10. Breathing Problems

If you notice that your cat’s breathing is rushed, fast or shallow, this is probably an urgent medical issue (often related to cat flu, chlamydiosis, or rhinotracheitis). But if you notice a slight change in your cat’s breathing, then perhaps you should monitor it first in case there are sudden changes!

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