signs that your cat seeks your attention

6 signs that your cat seeks your attention

Lorem ipsum dolorCats are demanding creatures! When they want something, they openly ask for it. Jim Davis, the cartoonist who created Garfield, says, “Cats have the courage to live by their urges.” And that’s true because they often demand our complete and undivided attention. sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Below we will describe 6 indicative behaviors that your cat seeks your attention.

1. Continuous Meowing

For man’s sake, cats developed meowing, making it the main form of communication. The meowing tone changes depending on what your cat tries to tell you. For example, if you’re at home and don’t pay attention, it can start a quiet but persistent meowing (which resembles the newborn’s call to its mom). If you ignore this, your cat will gradually up the volume to achieve its goal, which is none other than to drop everything you do to investigate what’s happening to it!

2. Stares

Sometimes all your cat needs to get your attention is to stare at you with its big and adorable eyes. This is a silent way to get your attention, and even though it’s not intrusive or irksome, you won’t be able to resist. You’ll literally drop everything you do and turn to your cat.

3. Sits On The Laptop

why does my cat sit on my laptop
why does my cat sit on my laptop?

You have to admit that you can’t tear yourself away from your laptop. Sometimes you seem to focus on it, oblivious of everything around you. What is it about it that keeps you occupied for so long? You have your cute kitty nearby, and you don’t even look at it? This will certainly drive your cat to demand your attention.

And that’s the reason why your cat will make itself comfortable on your laptop (Hm! A nice, hot surface!), stretch its body to hide the entire screen, making sure that you’ll spend some time together!

4. Waits Outside A Closed Door

If you’re inexperienced and ignorant, you may imagine that you can have a cat and just close the bedroom or office door for a while to enjoy some peace and quiet, work uninterrupted, or take a nap.

But your cat will never accept that. It’ll start scratching or even banging on your door until it opens. Your kitty can do that for hours until your patience runs out. This is a cry for attention! Just deal with it!

5. Throws Stuff Off The Table

At this point, we should note that this particular behavior is only manifested when you’re present. Otherwise, why throw the remote control from the living room table?

It is believed that intelligent cats locate the object you cherish the most and slowly move it to the edge of the bedside table, shelf or coffee table to give you time to react (and that’s how they succeed in getting your attention).

But if you’re so preoccupied, they won’t hesitate to just toss it!

6. Seeks Out Your Hugs

Okay, this is a win-win situation for both you and your cat! Of course, it’s not the only instance your kitty does that, but it’s definitely a good, tried-and-tested way to get your attention if you ostensibly ignore your cat.

Here we’re dealing with a sly and insidious move targeting your weakness. The fact that you love stroking your kitten!

Now that we’ve listed the most common methods of a cat to seek your attention, I expect your comments about how you react every time your cat demands your attention!

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