why does my cat sit on my laptop

Why does my cat sit on my laptop?

You humans never run out of questions! You guys! Why is it a problem that we love laptops and we lay on them?

Let it be, since it bothers you, let’s at least find out the reasons why laptops are so irresistible for a kitten!

Why do cats love to sit on laptops so much?

1. To snuggle a little, damn it!

The first and most obvious reason is a reason we have already mentioned in the past. A cat’s normal temperature is around 39 degrees Celsius and since its body it not very good at maintaining this temperature, external sources of heat are an indisputable pole of attraction. So, whenever I find an open laptop (which means it is also warm), I sit on the keyboard.

2. We come between you and the object you watch for so many hours

Do you happen to believe that we, cats, are stupid or anything? We are not! We see you staring at those stupid boxes for so many hours instead of taking care of us. Well, we got tired of that and we decided to take the place of the thing you are looking at in order for you to look at us.

3. We want to get your attention

Through this experiment, we have realized that sitting on your laptop provokes a reaction. So, we get what we want from you: ATTENTION! Seeing that every time we sit there you react and you pay attention to us, we repeat the same trick and regain your attention.

4. We win treats and strokes

Okay, okay, it’s not that we just want your attention. We also want you to stroke us and give us a snack and a lot more, is that so bad?

So, by sitting on or (okay, I will back down) next to your keyboard, we will definitely win some caresses on the chin, but who know, if we make any cute noises or if open widely our innocent eyes, we may even get a spoonful of liver mousse and we do not want to miss on any such opportunities.

how to keep cat off laptop

How to keep your cat off laptop

I think that you are exaggerating when you say that this bothers you so much, but THERE ARE SOLUTIONS. By reacting every time your cat goes up your laptop and stroking it and giving it treats, you reinforce its behavior because it gets exactly what it wants.

The solution is simple and it is a win-win situation. Let me explain. You should make a perfect place next to where you put your laptop, a comfortable and warm place, perhaps with a blanket and you should suggest your cat sits there and if it does so, you reward it with caresses and sweet words. This way you will be able to do your job and your cat will be sitting somewhere cozy enjoying your company!

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