cats and plastic bags

Cats and Plastic Bags

The other day, Dad caught me red-handed, hugging the second most important thing in my life, and of course, he captured the moment for everyone to see (see photo above). Well, the second most important thing in my life is plastic bags (I won’t reveal the first because I don’t like feeling vulnerable). I absolutely adore plastic bags, but I’m not sure I can tell why.

Maybe it’s because plastic bags allow me to hide from all the throne usurpers, like the Chinese! Or maybe a plastic bag is perfect because I like to ‘fight’ dad when I’m inside it –I don’t know why, so don’t ask me, or well, ask me – I think it creates intrigue and that excites me, making me interested in punching, landing hard kicks, and performing other tricks of my own (also known as Chicho tricks).

So, I asked my Facebook and Instagram friends: How is your cat with plastic bags?

  • A. Good
  • B. Average
  • C. Terrible

My friends’ response was touching, and I got hundreds of comments which allowed me to conclude two things:

  1. The first is that the vast majority of cats adore plastic bags, but a significant number of cats are afraid of them.
  2. The second conclusion was that some cats nearly suffocated by plastic bags wrapped around their necks because these little fools put their heads on the handles of the bag (it’s highly advisable to cut the handles and let your cats play with the rest of the bag).

Why do cats like plastic bags?

why do cats like plastic bags

Let’s see what experts say about us loving plastic bags so much. These mysterious guys (the experts) claim that our adoration of plastic bags is due to the fact that we actually like the bags (No kidding!)

Okay, the experts explain this more thoroughly. Our love for plastic bags is great because they stimulate our senses:

  • Crumpling plastic bags intrigues and triggers our senses of touch and hearing.
  • Smelling the food that (probably) was in the bag stimulates our smell.
  • The bag’s smooth surface under our feet stimulates our sense of touch.
  • If the bag is transparent, it doesn’t limit our vision.

Understandably, this is a complete sensory experience that excites us like nothing else!

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